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24 October 2010 @ 11:30 pm


Thoughts, complaints, comments about the finale? Also, it's been a while, hi guys. Sorry I haven't been putting up discussion posts, but I put it forward that you guys can post them yourselves, and we were all basically losing interest.

As for my thoughts on the matter, they are as follows: ENGAGEMENT ON NATIONAL TV, SUAVE MOVE FRANCIS. I teared up a couple of times, I loved rewatching the numbers, and my god did I not want Denys to win with the greatest passion. I'm sad I forgot to vote for Amanda on the most important voting night of the season. Good job, me. I'll make a banner for Denys in about a week or so's time to let everyone catch up and watch the finale.

See you guys in Season 4! ♥

that's a bingo!thundersocks on October 25th, 2010 04:13 am (UTC)
I also had my fingers crossed that Mackenzie would be in the final 4, but alas. Amanda was the one I was rooting for, so at least she got second. Still happy for Denys, but he's not my favourite, and I couldn't have ever foresaw that he'd win. As for the group numbers, I commented to my mom that it was probably physically impossible for them to dance all of those in one show. So I'm not surprised they weren't live, just that the paired dances were mostly live (I always check for diff camera angles and fumbles, haha).

... Also, Treee. :( ♥