So You Think You Can Dance: Canada

because we're not just about hockey, poutine and igloos

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After the success of So You Think You Can Dance around the world, particularly in the U.S., the show is finally making a stop in Canada -- and it's about time. For the first time in Canadian dance history, So You Think You Can Dance: Canada has arrived!

to SYTYCD: Canada!

This is a community for everything SYTYCD: Canada -- from graphics to fanmixes to performance show commentaries to just feeling like declaring your love for a dancer!

Here to try and make your stay more pleasant, your maind mod will be Angie (thundersocks) in EST, and Kirsten (kyriolexy) will be the co-mod in PST. Any questions or concerns or ideas for the comm, please direct them our way!



There is absolutely NO bashing of community members, dancers, or judges. Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it, but when putting in your two cents or deciding to beat down a member, remember this: if you don't have anything nice to say, it is better to ferme ta bouche.

If a post is longer than three paragraphs, it's encouraged that you put it under a cut. Not that we don't want to hear what you want to say, but sometimes flists suffer, and lj-cuts must come in and save the day.

When posting graphics, especially wallpapers, PLEASE either put them under a cut, or limit the size to no bigger than 640x480. Once again, an flist killer.

When posting a potentially spoiler-filled post or article, please put it under a cut for those who do not care for spoilers, or for those who haven't seen a certain show. This will apply more toward the start and throughout the season.

Please share your opinions, post your questions, and declare your love! Everybody wants to know what people think, even if they won't admit it, you curious little kittens. And yes, that is a rule. ;D ♥

As the community name entails, this community is ONLY for SYTYCD: Canada information. Restrict yourself entirely from posting information about other international SYTYCDs.

For special events or posts, such as performance show music, news, etc, please TAG your post. Navigation is key!